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5th & 6th Grade Conservation Poster Contest

 Every fall during the beginning of the school year, every 6th grader in the San Luis Valley is given the opportunity to learn about a unique, conservation-based topic that aligns with Colorado's core curriculum. Sixth graders are encouraged to get hands on with conservation and make a poster for the contest. After participating in the presentation for that year's topic, 6th graders receive a poster board to create their best design. After a few weeks, the posters are collected and judged at their local Conservation District, with the potential for the winners to move up to the state and national contest. Winners will receive a monetary prize from their local Conservation District. This is a wonderful opportunity for SLV 6th graders to think outside the box, get creative, and adhere to school curriculum standards at the same time!

The 2017 Theme is "Healthy Soils are Full of Life!" This theme will fit in with topics such as ecosystems, erosion, plants, biology, and pretty much anything that needs soil to live or move! RGWCEI provides the presentation, entry forms, and the poster board for all classes. 

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Top Poster Winners for Each Participating School:

Conservation District Place Winner School
Mosca-Hooper 1 Mia Romero Martinez OMS
  2 Jake Salas OMS
  3 Brianna Barrios OMS
  Most Artistic Zoe Flores OMS
Conejos 1 Cheyenne Garcia Centauri
  2 Kaia Skadberg Centauri
  3 Danita Martinez Centauri
  1 Ashley Dominguez-Gonzalez Sanford
  2 Mercedes Caldon Sanford
  3 Hadlee Canty Sanford
Costilla 1 Yesenia Garcia Centennial
  2 Rhylina Serna Centennial
  3 Laly Ascencio Centennial
  4 Jazmin Salcido  
Rio Grande 1 Shaina Ramirez Monte Vista
  2 Gus Miller Monte Vista
  3 Alessandra Torres Monte Vista
  1 Saige Hostetter Sargent
  2 Mia Stickens Sargent
  3 Mayah Stephens Sargent
  1 Reese Brown Del Norte
  2 Destiny Gonzales Del Norte
  3 Joseph Trujillo Del Norte
Center 1 Jasmine Larimore Mountain Valley
  2 Damien Ross Mountain Valley
  3 Ashlynn Willhite Mountain Valley
  1 Kimberly Ornelas Skoglund
  2 Willa Seesz-Sanchez Skoglund
  3 Javier Ramos Skoglund
Overall SLV Winners 1 Saige Hostetter Sargent/RG
  2 Joseph Trujillo Del Norte/ RG
  3 Mia Stickens Sargent/RG
  4 Cheyenne Garcia Centauri/Conejos
  5 Mia Romero Martinez Ortega/MH


IMG 0006                  

          2017 Poster Winners - "Healthy Soils Are Full of Life!"

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