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We provide hands-on activities, presentations, and field trips that connect science and social studies standards to realities within our Rio Grande Watershed. Common topics include (but are not limited to) water movement, watershed health, soil, and natural resource management. We work with teachers across all grades to provide unique progressions that meet their educational needs. Lessons are free, customizable, and can be paired with a field visit.



The following are examples of classroom lessons but are no means the extent of what we offer.  If you have a specific topic in mind, please contact us we can either customize a lesson or connect you with a local topic expert. 









Water Cycle Journey

Students model how water moves throughout the globe and make connections about where our water comes from.


CO Standards: SC.MS.3.6 and SC.MS.3.7


Build Your Own Watershed

After reviewing hydrologic terms, students to design a miniature watershed, and test their model against different levels of runoff. 


CO Standards: SC.4.3.2 SC.5.3.3


Erosion Labs

Students complete various activities to understand how water impacts the land through erosion, transportation, and deposition of sediment.


CO Standards: SC.4.3.2 SC.5.3.3


SLV Natural Resources

The Rio Grande Watershed is rich in natural resources, from the alpine forests, water, soil, wildlife, and air. Everyone who lives in the Valley's life depends on these resources in one way or another. Our goal is to increase understanding of their importance and how we can conserve them in the future.


CO Standards: SC.MS.3.8 SC.4.3.4


Decomposer Discovery

Decomposers sustain the flow of nutrients through an ecosystem helping to restart the food chain. Students will explore different soil organisms and learn about their role in the environment.


CO Standards: SC.5.2.2


SLV Water Administration & Management

SLV history has been greatly influenced by water and irrigation. Our staff will break down the components of water management and explain how historical events influenced the water system we have today.


CO Standards: SC.MS.3.8, SC.HS.3.11

 SC.HS.3.9, SS.HS.3.1



The following are trips we've coordinated in the past, however, there are many options on public land and private farms for field trips.


Potato Farm

Pictured: Potato farm in June, Center CO


Ideal forall ages, May-early October

Topics: Noxious weeds, soil health, plant health

Check out our Online Learning Resources page for more examples of lessons we can provide for your class.

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