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Ecosystem Recyclers

(Grades 6-8)

Decomposer Presentation

Virtual Field Trips

VEGI Compost Tour:

1. What did Autumn say were the two main ingredients in VEGI's compost?

2. What are some examples of "greens" and "browns" that can be added to compost?

3. What are some important things to do to your compost pile?

4. What makes compost a living thing?

5. What are some benefits of compost?

Additional Videos:
Make Your Own Worm Bin
The Compost Story 
(by Kiss the ground)

Activity Resources:

Compost Cake (grades 2-6)

Cleaning Up with Decomposers 

(Elementary, NGSS correlated)

Teacher's Guide to Compost Activities

This guide has lots of activities including experiments, observations activities, and community education prompts. (Made available by the Central Vermont Waste District,)

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