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COVID Program Cancellations

We are living in a roller coaster world. It's hard to know what to think or how to feel when the news changes and we receive conflicting information every day. One thing hasn't changed, and it's RGWCEI's dedication to our community. We love providing programs to our youth and community members. When we had to cancel spring programs, it was devastating. Moving into summer, we postponed our traditional youth conservation camp in the hopes that our numbers would flatten. Newer programs such as mini-conservation camp and Teen Outdoor Stewardship Camp were cancelled as partners were unable to commit. Unfortunately, maybe through increasing tourist numbers, summer travel, or it was just the San Luis Valley's time to deal with coronavirus, we didn't feel good about continuing our plans for Conservation Camp. We appreciate our partners who were flexible with changing plans and have supported our decision to cancel. We are grateful for parents and kids who were willing to attend camp, but who accepted that this summer is not the time for creating more risk than necessary. We are committed to being the best community partners we can be during these times, so we thank everyone who has participated with us in the past. We are crossing all our fingers and toes that next summer will see us back at Beaver Creek, on the Rio Grande, and on farms as we explore our watershed together. Get outside with your own families this summer and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and occasional rainstorm!

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