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Weather in the Valley


What's the difference between weather and climate?

Climate is the average weather of an area measured over a long period of time. For example, the SLV is known for its sunny climate, as the sun shines almost every day. Weather is a condition that can change in a matter of hours and can sometimes be severe, like the occasional thunderstorm that can happen during the summer.

Complete this activity to master the difference between weather and climate

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Think about some of the severe weather you experience living in the valley, and what steps you might take to avoid its impacts. For example: On a sunny day you might apply sunscreen to avoid getting burned. You can't stop the sun from shining, but you can take this step to be less impacted by it.

Earth's major systems can interact to create weather and the patterns of weather in a specific place over time can be analyzed to describe the climate of that particular location.



1. In your own words, describe weather.

2. In your own words, describe climate.

3. Name one difference between weather and climate.

1. What types of severe weather that she talks about have you seen in the Valley?

2. What are the four main earth systems mentioned in the video?

3. What are some steps you can take to protect yourself from severe weather?

Bonus Video: How Earth's systems interact, and erosion

1. Define weathering in your own words. 

2. Describe mechanical and chemical weatheirng, and give your own example for each.

3. Define erosion in your own words.

4. What are some differences between weatheirng and erosion?

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